Question: Upset by the Evil in the World

This exchange was with a facebook user...

MG: I need your insight! I'm generally a happy person, staying positive, getting things done and actively trying to grow and improve, and I can see it working, this group and all the good information on the Internet has helped tremendously!

But, sometimes something happens and I just get reminded of how f@cked up this world is. It may be something simple (like someone mistreating their dog) or something serious (like the destruction we've caused to nature ) but I just realise how much suffering is caused by humans and how this can never be stopped because it is part of the world.

So, how do you deal with this? How do you stop this from changing your perspective for the world and the human species? Choosing to live in a friendly environment is something I understand but does that mean we accept and move on? We shut down every emotion? It's weird to me, I'm having a very hard time accepting that the human kind is good by nature after everything we do every single day... And of course the sense of being unable to do anything about it...

Me: The human being is not good by nature. The human being is a complex set of responses to the environment; most of the time the environment triggers cooperative responses in most human beings, sometimes destructive responses are triggered in some of us. It is the idea that we are fundamentally good which is creating your disappointment - the reality is not living up to your expectations.

MG:  I do understand what you mean, I just don't understand how to use that. I mean, there are reasons why we are all the way we are but understanding them doesn't change the fact that evil is evil. And seeing evil is not pleasant no matter the expectation. I see no actionable solution in knowing that humans aren't good by nature

Me: Yes, evil exists, evil is evil. There is a sort of 'natural' response to evil that you could call unpleasantness and it's helpful because it means you can recognise evil and avoid it. But, what you are struggling with is the sort of 'unpleasant' that comes from wanting evil not to be evil, and not to exist.

You need no solution to knowing humans aren't good by nature unless the idea upsets you. And it upsets you because of the difference between your expectation and reality. You will eliminate your problem when you change your expectation...this will work for you because you won't be changing the reality of evil any time soon. Expect humans to be evil, selfish, stupid, and lazy. Expect humans to be kind, selfless, brilliant and hardworking.

If you want a job, do what you can to protect others from evil, but do not expect to eliminate it.

MG: That helped a lot more, thank you! My first understanding was different but now I know what you mean! It won't be easy but at least I get it, thank you for taking the time to explain it better.

Me: You are very good to be so open. I hope you go well in a complicated world. 



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