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People starting or running a small business don't have the time, skills or money to make everything work as it should. Websites, social media, photography, copywriting, and promotion are all extra complexities that drive most people mad! Business 'coaches' charge crazy prices for advice that rarely works and doesn't apply in the real world.

If you're looking for practical help, fair prices and friendly service, choose from the menu below. Valerie Ellis has years of experience with small business and helping solo-preneurs get going. Check the testimonials and call for a chat about some simple services to get you going.


A picture paints a thousand words and touches the heart of your customer. Say everything you need to with food photography, product photography and social photography that's eye-catching and up-to-date. Images delivered quickly for use on social media and websites.

Food Photography

Good looking food is harder than it looks...

Food businesses need tempting photos just to get attention from their customers. However, it's easy to make food look dull and disgusting - killing your chances of success.

You need experience, creativity, time and a great camera to make photos that deserve to be in cook-books and websites. Let's work together and make your menu irresistible!

Product Photography

You've worked hard to make the perfect 'thing' for your customers but helping them see it in the right light can be tricky - especially when you've been looking at it for months!

A new set of eyes can make all the difference - the eyes your customer will look through. An experienced, creative person working efficiently can bring you eye-catching,  magazine worthy glossy images that say "we mean business".

Social Photography

Big time influencers don't take their own photos - there's the secret - they have someone taking care of that for them. The peeps who look great on Insta' and Facebook are busy posing, not snapping!

It's faster, easier and better to have someone doing the photography for you and making sure you look Insta-worthy! Get a quick-fire bunch of photos taken in one day to last for weeks! They'll never know you had help...

Very Valerie Ellis

Website Set-Up

You need a good-looking, easy-to-use, complete website set-up promptly. Get website photos, copy-writing and e-commerce set-up by a friendly local who'll teach you how to manage your own website for the long-run.

Social Media Set-Up

You need a Facebook page and Instagram Account looking professional, connected and ready for your beautiful posts. Make the world pay attention and get them to your business.

Email + Blog Set-Up

You've got something to say and you need an audience to listen. Take your time to connect with customers in their inbox with a simple, slick newsletter updating them about offers and ideas they need. Build a relationship, loyalty and repeat sales with personal contact.


After a long day the last thing you need is trying to write War-and-Peace to describe your business and what you can do for customers. Besides, it's far easier for someone else to see your strong points, your compelling story and to describe your products in a way that customers will resonate with. Website set-up or website re-vamping requires copywriting and lots of content can be written at a fast pace by someone who's focussed on the job with experience in marketing. Call to chat about copywriting for your business. 


A year ago I told Valerie I was not very techy and could never tamper with my own website - even though it was costing me lots of money to make updates and lots of time too. Now she's revamped my website, added e-commerce (increasing sales), created a new popular product to my list, taken wonderful photos of my products and for my new book, made a new email-newsletter template that gets compliments, made videos of my weekly recipes,  made promotional videos for me, taught me how to manage my website, how to write better and how to make my own photos better. So many people have commented on the improvements and it's been fun and empowering along the way. Contact me and I will certainly tell you more and how much I recommend her - she a fast worker so you get value for money too!

Leonie Wright @

I wanted my business re-launched in 2020. My old website was dated and Valerie explained how it could be better. She came to my place and we worked side-by-side to make the process fast and cost-effective. She wrote all the copy for the website, helped re-package my services and took some wonderful photos that I love - so do other people!

Valerie finally convinced me that social media was a must as well - I'm slowly getting better with her guidance. It's been a roller-coaster ride but, I got what I wanted - a new, professional image, having fun along the way. Valerie is helpful, trustworthy and creative...give her a try!

Hilary Fisher @

My husband and I work long hours in our food business so we're too tired to really focus on photography and social media. Our website was fine but the photos weren't doing us any favours and, frankly, we don't have an eye for that sort of thing. Valerie came to our commercial kitchen on four occasions. She took hundreds of photos that looked so good I was amazed. She worked hard to deliver them quickly for us and she was fun to work with. I learned a lot from watching her.

She's also kind, helpful and really understands the pressures of small business. Her costs were fair and she went out of her way to be efficient so that we got real value for money. 

She also helped me set-up our Facebook and Instagram accounts properly. Although we're still to busy to post regularly. Work with Valerie - she's a star!

Charmaine Mace @ New Malden Fish Bar


Let's keep is simple and easy; all services are currently £30/hr.

But How Long is a Piece of String?

It's difficult for you to estimate your costs so, here are some guidelines...


Typically 1 hour of editing is needed for each hour of photography.  If you're organised you can make this efficient for yourself. Three hours is a typical session so we stay creative and energised.

If you need photos of you/a person your time will be used well if your hair, make-up and wardrobe are all looking good when we start. However, I have experience in all these areas and can help polish-up your look at the start of the session, if you need it. The more outfits you have with you, the more social media content you'll have as a result. A three hour session would give you photos to last about 3 weeks on Instagram, for example, if you post 4/5 times a week. 

For food photos we need good lighting, a variety of dishes, utensils and ingredients for a variety of images. Having a well stocked kitchen to work in will help. I can guide you with ideas, if you need help.  Previous work with a food business resulted in approximately 15 simple dishes covered in 3 hours. A more elaborate set-up would result in fewer photos.

Product photography also needs good lighting, clean items and some props - depending on the look you want. I can guide you with ideas if you need help.  Small, simple products are faster to photograph. If you help by assisting with products, the process will be faster.


Copywriting can be very efficient - a good blog post can take 1-2 hours if you provide some background information. It also depends on how fussy you are - social media doesn't require perfect academic writing so it can be fast to make copy for a website but, if you know you fuss over every word chosen and worry what others think, the process will take longer.


Consider whether you want a simple blogging website with a few pages, a small e-commerce store that sells a few items and services or, an extensive website with lots of products, pages, articles and information. Budget £500 for each additional level of website. Again, if you're fussy the cost will increase. If you're more relaxed and want a good, modern professional website with the basics in place, the process will be more affordable and enjoyable. At the end of a website I like to empower my client by showing them how to use the website and keep their costs down in future by managing their own changes and additions.

Yes, you can get a cheap website made overseas. This can go well. It can also result in being locked-out of your own website unless you make extra payments. That's why many people now prefer to meet their person making their website.


The best thing about working together is being being able to combine all the services to help you start your business. From taking the photos to writing the words, adding them to a website and publishing your work online, we can create something from scratch - creating your image as we go. 

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