Since you were a child you've been sold the idea that falling-in-love, whirlwind romance and intense attraction is the hallmark of the perfect relationship. It makes good movie plots but, when 50% of marriages end in divorce, something is obviously wrong with this recipe. What's missing is something rather old-fashioned, something difficult to show in a movie: compatibility.

In a general sense, compatibility is the likelihood that one thing will work well with another...that you'll get a productive result with little friction. From a relationship point-of-view, it means that you'll fit together easily, have matching perspectives that reduce disagreements and create a true partnership that gets productive, satisfying results. From that foundation you can enjoy the excitement of romance - compatibility is the cake, romance is the icing!

"Over 20 years as a therapist, I've seen key traits that make a couple incompatible and cause endless conflict. It's pretty obvious that a divorce was inevitable from the start and sad to see people fighting over things that will never change and is actually no-one's fault."

Valerie Ellis

There's a lot of 'fluffy' notions about compatibility out there but, in psychology, there are solid concepts that explain why some people connect and others don't. 

"So many times I've explained psychological concepts to people and they sit back amazed at how well it describes their partner (or mother, or child). Next, they wonder why they've never been taught that before...it would have saved them a lot of conflict and disappointment!"

Valerie Ellis

The Compatibility Test is based on years of experience in real therapy with real clients plus, research in psychology. It's not a cute online game meant to entertain you for a few minutes, it's a general overview of your relationship compatibility so you can evaluate your situation with a little more perspective. Don't stress about it...be open to new information that can help you get more from your relationships.