Can you provide a home visit in my location?
Richmond, Kingston, Weybridge, Cobham, Esher, Leatherhead, Dorking

Private home visits can be provided in...

  • Kingston-Upon-Thames
  • Thames Ditton
  • Hampton Wick
  • East & West Molesey
  • Walton-on-Thames
  • Esher
  • Hersham
  • Cobham
  • Claygate
  • Adjacent locations upon enquirey. 


When are the appointment times available?

There are appointment times available from Monday to Friday with some evening options. Please contact Reception via the CONTACT page and we'll talk on the phone to make a specific time that suits you and is available. 

Can you help with family relationships other than my husband or wife?

Yes; parents, children, siblings, partners, friendships and work relationships can be covered in counselling. 

What are the "security conditions" that apply to home visits?

To ensure a home visit is safe, conditions apply which include...

  • A safe place to park
  • A note of who can access the home, e.g. ex-partners
  • Animals/pets being secured during visits

Contact Reception and we'll organise a chat with Valerie to discuss your specific situation and how it can be accommodated. Valerie is easy to talk to and never pressures anyone to make an appointment.

Is counselling always talking about the past?

Good quality counselling starts with a clear diagnosis of the problem so the best solution can be provided. So, an understanding of how your problems arose is important and means talking about the past...last month, last year, and earlier. Although you can't change what happened, you can change how it effects you now. However, the whole purpose of counselling is to create a better future so, there's a big emphasis on what we do now to change what comes next.

How long will counselling take?

If you mean each appointment, a session runs for 55-60 minutes.

Otherwise, it's up to you how long you stick with counselling. Some people get so much from 4 or 5 sessions that they are satisified. Others feel such a sense of connection and support, and deal with such deep challenges, they stay in counselling for months or years...personal development can become a passion and a way of fulfilling life's potential.

What's Valerie like?

Some counsellors are quiet and passive, Valerie is more energetic and engaged with her clients in looking for understanding and releif from their current problems. Many clients have commented they really liked Valerie's advisory style compared to others counsellors who "just sat there and let me try figuring it out." Valerie has lots of experience with serious problems that need a lot of compassion but will also work hard with you to create change by avoiding old patterns with clear advice and insights.

What's the cost of counselling?

You have options for purchasing counselling here...

If we want Valerie for public speaking, a panel discussion or interview, is there a fee for attendance?

Costs vary to account for variations like time, location, parking, meals, tailoring a talk, and other factors. The cost ranges from £120 - £600.