Creative & Calm 

painting for personal growth

A course for calming the mind through creativity

You've never met a person with the perfect life.
When things are tough we can cope for a while with external support like medication or a drink but, it's not sustainable for the long term. Eventually we have to face the problem and take care of our mind, our feelings and how we're handling things. Taking care of yourself is the way to get to the root of loneliness, stress, anxiety or feeling depressed.

"Creative & Calm" is designed for exploring our perspective on life through the pleasure of creativity. As we paint, we reflect on our approach to life in general. Painting gives you the opportunity to notice yourself in more detail, how you handle things and what is really in front of you.

8 Sessions

 Everything included

 Step-by-step painting


The Course

Over 4 weeks in 8 sessions we learn how to paint and how to experience life differently. You'll be provided will all the materials you need - just come along.

We'll start by understanding our equipment and how to pay attention to what matters.
Then we'll warm-up our painting muscles with some practice and learn how to approach painting and life.
Even in the first week, sessions 1 & 2, you'll feel more calm and more confident.
You'll find out how to sketch and start a painting properly by seeing things more clearly.

Sessions 3 and 4 in Week 2 is all about how we create a life and a painting.
You'll get to colour and learn the secret to making your painting look creative rather than amateurish.
You'll be encouraged to slow down, enjoy painting and how you create your own enjoyment in life.

Now you have learned the basics of painting, you'll get to practice and paint for pleasure.
Week Three, sessions 5 & 6, give you personal time to reflect on how your mind can be calmed through creativity.
More in-depth painting secrets are revealed which deepen your personal growth as well.

In Week Four, sessions 7 & 8, you'll have the chance to think about how painting lessons become life lessons.
We continue to paint for pleasure and make a commitment to ourselves to take our new insights into everyday life.
Now you have devoted time and careful reflection to your precious peace-of-mind.

Creativity is Calming


Modern life harshly demands our attention, distracts us, strains our personal resources and forces us to cope with more than we really can. We're often referred to as 'consumers' - passively swallowing someone else's perspective or product, gorged on superficialities. If we're not consuming we're working - active but repeating tasks set for us by others, often with little clear purpose. The third state of being, creation, is an experience we have too little of.

Creation is active but purposeful. Creation is when we decide what matters and what will be done. It's the moment we make something of our own and become a creator rather than a consumer or worker.


When we are in the moment of creation, we are focussing our mind on something productive which is fundamentally empowering. Evidence shows that this reduces stress because we feel in control and important. Instead of having a million thoughts, all controlled by someone else, we are settling our mind on one thing and creating our own outcome. This turns-off the stress response in our body because we no longer feel at the mercy of external forces.

Creative acts like painting and drawing also give us the chance to explore and express our own perspective and even reflect on our challenges and problems without needing to speak aloud or worry about others. When we are in 'creator' mode we are tapping into the part of the mind that creates to solutions rather than panics at problems. In the "Creative and Calm" course, we learn to paint, we activate the creator state of mind, and we discuss how painting lessons reflect life lessons. Because your host is a therapist and an artist, she has insight into the state of mind we need for creating art and a good life.

By calming our frantic mind, focussing on creation, expressing ourselves and being in control, we reduce the chemical stress in our body. This allows us to experience a new way of being and for our body to repair. Lots of research proves that creative activity improves our health and happiness.

Your mental health is the foundation for your quality of life.

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Your Host

Valerie Ellis

BA(Hons)Psych + G.Dip,Bus

Valerie graduated from the prestigious University of Queensland with an honors degree in psychology. Over 20 years she has developed a private practice providing relationship counselling and helping clients with stress and personal growth.

As well as her work in psychology, Valerie is a talented artist.  Prior to University, she gained record high scores for art exams, gaining entry to the Epsom College of Art.  She's an accomplished painter and sold her oil paintings to collectors . 

Valerie is now investing her experience in the global movement for women's empowerment through public-speaking, art classes and her new book "Compatibility: 8 Pillars of Lasting Love".


Regular guest on the "Suzie Mac Show," Brooklands Radio, Weybridge

Valerie's Artworks

Valerie uses traditional oil paint and has made still-life and figure paintings.


You don't have to bring a thing - all the art materials you need to paint with will be supplied in the course - just bring your morning latte and a smile.

No cheap hobby or craft supplies are used.
You will be presented with artists grade paint, brushes and canvases.
The same quality Valerie uses for the artworks purchased by her collectors.

Course Timetable

4 Weeks x 2 Classes = 8 Sessions
16 hours of tuition

Others Say...

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Shayleen Paine, Student

“As always you immediately change my way of thinking and boost me up! If only I encounter people like you I will go further than I ever expected. Thank-you so much for your wonderful guidance and words of encouragement and truth!”

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Jenny, M
Mum of 2

"You gave me the confidence to help both my girls cope with the divorce and we are actually stronger now. Cannot thank you enough for your support. Will always recommend you."

Event Location

The Scared Heart Church in Cobham.
Opposite Waitrose.
Easy onsite parking (paid)
Enter from the car-park through the white door nearest the road.
The course in running upstairs.
Wheelchair accessible.

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The next class starts in April.
Book now and get a big £100 discount for being an early bird - no worms required!
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Course places genuinely limited by venue
Start Time: 10am Promptly 
Finish Time: 12 noon

Creative & Calm Painting Course
Creative & Calm Painting Course
Creative & Calm Painting Course
Creative & Calm Painting Course
Creative & Calm Painting Course
Creative & Calm Painting Course
Creative & Calm Painting Course
Creative & Calm Painting Course

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