"If you're not online, you're irrelvant."

Gary Vaynerchuck


Get Started Online and Get Noticed!

Why provide a website-making service? Because, Valerie's personal mission is helping women take their place in the world; what the world needs is billions of women who know they matter...your ideas matter, your experience matters, your mission matters. A website is your personal platform to share them with the world, a place you control and a central location for all your online messages. 

Typically, you have to choose between two sorts of websites - custom-made, high-price-tag sites or bargain-basement sites made by hackers overseas!  But, when you're starting out you don't have thousands to spare for a new venture and you certainly don't want a dodgy site controlled by strangers overseas. 


Can anyone help me? I had my website made by CB and she's disappeared. Now my website is down and I get a message from someone overseas saying she hasn't been paid by CB and is hiding my website till I pay her what she's owed. What can I do?

This is a real question by a woman appealing for help when her website was held to ransom by a person overseas who'd been subcontracted to produce work but, who wasn't paid by the local person Marissa actually contracted. What a nightmare! This stranger overseas was given access to the website and could ruin Marissa's business on a whim - like giving a stranger the keys to your house! 

That's why you want control over your website. And it's better for the world when women manage their own affairs and feel independent! 

Making a website is a bit like learning to drive a car...you could figure-it-out yourself but, you'll make mistakes, waste time and probably do some damage! So, get an instructor. At first, it seems unfamiliar and complex but, suddenly, you see how your website will all fit together and you'll become a true entrepreneur in charge of your own online identity!


Private Website Tutoring Day

You can waste time with a DIY approach but, business opportunity is out there now. It takes many months to complete a website when you're a novice and many years to understand the best marketing structure for a professional site. How about one day of concerted effort to have a live website? How about business guidance included?

You'll be amazed, and proud, of your own new website which will also be simple, easy and fast to update whenever you want! No waiting for your developer to makes changes. No extra charges later on! 



Do I need to know 'coding'?

Coding is a very technical skill...that's why some websites cost thousands of dollars for a custom-made result...like having a custom-made car...a luxury but, not a necessity. We'll be using a ready-made 'car' and adding special features to make it our own - something that reflects your own business.

Can I have blogging on my site?

Absolutely! We'll have blog articles published on the site by the end of the day (assuming you have a few written and ready to go.)

Can I sell products on my site?

Absolutely! We'll set-up pages for products that automatically have sales ability connected. You can have physical products, digital products, different colors, photos, prices, etc...

I can't write very well to put content on my site.

No worries, we'll actually create the content on your private tutorial day. One of the most difficult pages to write is the "About Me" because it's difficult to see ourselves clearly and express our talents to others. We'll bring-out the best in you and write that for you.

I'm not a designer, will it look good?

We're going to use beautiful designs created by talented designers so the website looks modern, professional and beautiful, right from the start. You'll have lots of colors, styles, layouts, fonts and professional photos to choose from. You'll be proud to show others your new website!

Can I have a special website address and email?

Absolutely! You can have your very own domain name/website address plus two email addresses. It's very important this belongs to you so, you'll need to bring your credit card to purchase these for your business...again, we want you in control.


Website Private Tutorial Day


There are lots and lots of special features that can be added to a website and we will add as many as we can in the time we have together, however, our focus will be on completing a professional, functional website for your business PLUS you possessing the skills to control it yourself to make any additions or changes you want later. In fact, with the skills you learn in your private tutorial, you'll be able to make as many websites as you like in the future! 

What if I need help later?

We'll be using the world's best website system for support; there are patient and understanding support staff available 24hrs a day so that, again, you are independent and able to manage your own site.  

How about costs?

There are three costs...

  • The website domain name/address you purchase - approximately 20-40 pounds (if you choose)
  • Ongoing monthly technical support fee - $30US
  • Private Tutoring Day with Valerie - £395


Valerie built this website. 

Valerie is degree qualified in psychology and business with lots of experience making websites, writing successful blogs, business strategy and marketing. You'll learn the same step-by-step method Valerie has used to make many websites for herself and others. As well as having a brand new website, you'll get business strategy advice, and take home an invaluable set of skills you can use to manage your own website...instead of being dependent on others and their ongoing fees! The ability to make your own websites will save you thousands of dollars in years to come.

In-person training (instead of online) is used because it's the best way to learn, so you get personal attention and feedback. It's a no-judgment zone so you can relax and have fun, expand your abilities and feel accomplished.