individual attention

Sometimes you get wrapped up in problems so completely that you can't find your way through them. Don't waste time ruminating over the same drama and getting is too precious to spend another day unhappy and unproductive. Counselling gets to the heart of the matter; where you want to be and how you're going to get there. If you've read all the self-help books and watched all the inspirational quotes float past and still can't figure what's wrong, get personal, private attention and get unstuck.


    Personal Development

    When merely surviving life is not good enough, when you're bored, frustrated, or feeling empty, it's time to demand more from life and from yourself. When you improve yourself you improve your life and there's always a better version of 'you' available. Understanding yourself is the beginning to unlocking your potential and fulfilling your ambitions. Personal development is something you can actively make a part of your life... the pathway to purpose and fulfillment. Get personalized support and guidance from counseling. If you know you're meant for more, invest in yourself.

    • Personality insights
    • Childhood issues
    • Self-esteem & confidence
    • Career ambitions
    • Psychodynamic Counseling
    • Cognitive Therapy
    • Life coaching


    You have a unique combination of talents, ambitions and opportunities. The deepest satisfaction comes from finding and fulfilling the best version of yourself and demonstrating to yourself, and the world, how much you matter.


    Valerie gained her Honours degree in psychology from the prestigious University of Queensland in Australia. She is qualified and experienced to talk to you about personality traits, childhood problems, hurtful relationship issues, challenging situations, personal values, and ambitions. 

    Valerie worked as a probation-and-parole officer in the first year out of Uni so, she's seen some hard-core problems. She continues to expand her expertise with training and post-graduate business management qualifications. Valerie has also worked for a private girls college, lectured in counseling for the Australian Institute of Applied Science, and managed staff for the YMCA charity in Brisbane. Over 20 years, her private psychology practice has developed so to help clients with relationship problems in particular. 

    In person, Valerie is warm, approachable, understanding and keen to help you shine again. 



    For those who value complete privacy, home visits provide the option to remain in a completely private environment. Be assured of complete professional discretion. Security conditions apply to home visits. Email to arrange a phone call about appointments.


    Private Home Visits: $99


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