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Valerie Ellis public speaking presenter

Let your staff or members know you’re invested in their wellbeing by scheduling a presentation from Valerie Ellis.

With expertise and experience presenting in professional settings, you can rely on Valerie to be an informative and entertaining guest speaker. Valerie has professional qualifications, 20 years experience as a therapist and authored the Compatibility book – feel confident you’re inviting the best.


Valerie grew-up in South East England and emigrated to Australia where she entered the prestigious University of Queensland to study psychology. After gaining her honors degree, she spent a year working for the Queensland Corrective Service Commission as a probation and parole officer visiting prisons, supervising probationers and making representations in court. Valerie also helped develop and deliver an anger management workshop for serious offenders.

Valerie Ellis public speaking presenter

More recently Valerie gained training and post-graduate business qualifications and lectured in psychology for the Australian Institute of Applied Science, taught business for the Australian Pacific College and managed a business unit for the YMCA Charity in Brisbane. Valerie has spoken to a fascinating variety of audiences;

  • male parolees in the criminal justice system,
  • in-home care staff for the national childcare organisation C&K,
  • adult students of psychology and of business,
  • women at a corporate event raising awareness of cancer survival,
  • the American Women of Surrey club.
Valerie at the American Women of Surrey club meeting.


Your organisation may have a mission or special event with a theme. A special talk can be tailored to suit your audience around topics like...

  • Relationships
  • Personal development
  • Women's empowerment
  • Mindset

The global movement for women is a particular focus for Valerie. Informed by qualifications and experience, Valerie supports women everywhere who are ambitious to make their mark on the world.


If appropriate, a book signing can be incorporated into the event so audience members can take-away a memento. A special price can be arranged if your event is fundraising.

Your audience deserves a qualified and experienced speaker and Valerie has degrees in psychology and business, 20 years experience as a therapist and managed staff and operations in a variety of businesses. She has an array of knowledge about people's motivations, women's issues and stories that instruct and inspire. 

Valerie's message is about the impact we can have when empower ourselves and get involved in public life, our ability to create positive change and construct a more connected civilization.

Enquire about Valerie attending your event as a speaker, for question-and-answer sessions and panel discussions.

Valerie Ellis