Valerie grew-up in South East England and emigrated to Australia where she entered the prestigious University of Queensland to study psychology. After gaining her honors degree, she spent a year working for the Queensland Corrective Service Commission as a probation and parole officer visiting prisons, supervising probationers and making representations in court. Valerie also helped develop and deliver an anger management workshop for serious offenders.

For 17 years, Valerie served in private practice providing psychotherapy for men and women experiencing relationship problems. Her approach combines psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapies with an understanding of the biological processes that effect our wellbeing. While in practice, Valerie also acted as school-counselor for a private girls school in Brisbane and renovated houses for profit. She has also spoken at a corporate event for cancer prevention and to the regional staff of the national childcare provider, "C&K".


Valerie Ellis


More recently Valerie gained post-graduate qualifications business and training and lectured in psychology for the Australian Institute of Applied Science, taught business for the Australian Pacific College and managed a business unit for the YMCA Charity in Brisbane.

The global movement for women is a particular focus for Valerie. The articles, counselling, and public speaking are all informed by Valerie's qualifications and experience - designed to support women everywhere who are ambitious and can make their mark on the world. Become one of the aspiring women who will transform the coming era into something more civilized and connected.

"What the world needs is billions of women who know they matter."