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Compatibility eBook


 When so many relationships fail, it’s clear that fairytales and lust just aren’t enough.

Since you were a child you've been sold the idea that falling-in-love, whirlwind romance and intense attraction are the hallmarks of a perfect relationship. It makes good movie plots but, when 50% of marriages end in divorce, something is obviously wrong with this recipe. What's missing is compatibility.

Compatibility means that you get along easily, without friction, and create a true partnership that lasts. From that solid foundation, you can enjoy the excitement of romance - compatibility is the cake, romance is the icing!

Compatibility: 8 Pillars of Lasting Love is written by a therapist with 20 years of experience with real clients. This is combined with research into human psychology. You’ll learn the 8 compatibility factors that evidence shows will make or break lasting love…including...

  • lifestyle compatibility
  • power and ambition
  • childhood dynamic
  • communication styles
  • status and the power of the past

Now you can check your relationships through the eyes of a relationship counsellor and avoid painful mistakes that keep wasting your time and breaking your heart. Stop kissing all the frogs and start choosing princes from the start.

It's the perfect companion to dating - each chapter contains a vital aspect of compatibility, explanations, examples and case-studies plus practical guidance for assessing your suitors and discovering which one has the potential for lasting love. If you're considering divorce, use this book to check whether you already have the perfect partner or, you’re flogging a dead horse in your marriage. Become empowered to choose wisely and find your most compatible match!

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