Life is better when we love others and love ourselves so, I'm here to help.

For loving others try the Compatibility Book, and The Compatibility Test.

For self-love come along to The Creative and Calm Course.

For personalised help enquire about private home-visit relationship counselling.

Challenges are inevitable but success is not so, invest in yourself and shine.


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Compatibility: 8 Pillars of lasting Love

 When so many relationships fail, it’s clear that fairytales and lust just aren’t enough.

Since you were a child you've been sold the idea that falling-in-love, whirlwind romance and intense attraction are the hallmarks of a perfect relationship. It makes good movie plots but, when 50% of marriages end in divorce, something is obviously wrong with this recipe. What's missing is compatibility. 

It's the perfect companion to dating - each chapter contains a vital aspect of compatibility, explanations, examples and case-studies plus practical guidance for assessing your suitors and discovering which one has the potential for lasting love. If you're considering divorce, use this book to check whether you already have the perfect partner or, you’re flogging a dead horse in your marriage.


Did you marry the wrong person..?

The Compatibility Test

Use psychology to test the compatibility of your relationship. Are you really dating Prince Charming or fooling yourself with just another frog? Did you marry the wrong person after all or choose wisely all those years ago?

A companion to the Compatibility book, the test is designed for you to find out where your relationship sits in the rankings. After a few minutes, you'll know...

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Creative & Calm Course

People with ambition, people who won't settle for the mundane, are often told they are "too" this...or "very" that. The truth is people want you mild and cooperative to make their life more convenient. Your life isn't meant to make others satisfied, it's meant to make you satisfied. There's nothing noble about living small and being the dullest version of yourself. The only true mission we all have is to fulfil our unique potential.

Self-love is the foundation of all love and happiness. The Creative & Calm course is an investment in your own mindset where painting lessons become life-lessons.  If you're curious about painting for personal growth, find out more...



Valerie Ellis

BA.Hons (psych), G.Dip Business

Degrees in psychology and business have given Valerie a career in psychology and management. She grew-up in England then lived in Australia for decades and now combines her qualifications and experience to provide relationship counselling in private home visits to clients.  

Valerie created The Compatibility Test so everyone can check their relationship status plus, coming soon, "Compatibility" the book - discover the psychology behind compatibility!

Valerie writes articles for the blog on this site and is available to speak at your event about why women matter and what they need to fulfill their potential. 




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